Links to all sorts of documents which I find useful!

NGC 3132, a picture of this nebulae taken with the HST


Image/Video/Audio Formats

Fast DCT for JPEG (written in MMX/SSE/SSE2)
FourCC (some AVI formats explained)
JPEG format
GIF tools
A cool presentation of a way to fill polygons
Transform a polygon in a list of triangles
Lots of resources about MPEG from the University of Berkley
VideoLAN (or VLC media player)

3D Related

nVidia FX Composer (to create shaders)
PovRay (Free 3D ray tracing software)
X3D web site (includes ISO specifications)
Look for "FX Composer" to get a tool from NVidia to create Vector/Pixel Shaders
Look for "Render Monkey" to get a tool from ATI to create Vector/Pixel Shaders
ATI Render Monkey (if it didn't move since I wrote this...)


World Wide Fonts
Tolkien Languages by the University of Oregon (includes links to French sites and fonts for Macs)


Color and Quantization (a course and some algorithms)

Graphical Interface ToolKits



Sound, Music, FX
Sound using fmod
Alexis Make Utility
SWF with a script (that's Flash)
Solitaire -- a research project
Loads of free MS-Windows VC++ samples
C++ to Doc.
The GNU libstdc++ documentation
ParaShift C++ FAQ
Plugger (Plugins for multimedia under Unix)
Beta FTPD (FTP Server)
Dev-C++ for Win32 (Free VC++ like software)
asio C++ library (network programming with C++ templates)
Some quick C++ references
Weird... private virtual functions in C++
The WTL source code
CRunTiny (small executable files on MS-Windows)
Many book samples (French)
Language Support for Transporting Exceptions between Threads

The Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741 taken with the HST
The Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741 taken with the HST


Wine Head Quarters -- MS-Windows under Linux
Postgres SQL documentation
Console blank and poweroff of monitor (DPMS/VESA)
Open Mosix for a Lister cluster with any machine
Posix & Open Group reference (Unix)


HLA - a very advanced assembler
CGDB -- a curses debugger

Microsoft compiler (cl)
Microsoft SDK (install AFTER cl)


Ada 95 Manual Reference
DocBook -- write your docs in XML
DocBook tools (XML parsers, etc.)
XML docs to manual pages
Linux Manual Pages
VIM manual pages in HTML
The HTTP 1.1 protocol (RFC2616)
The HTTP 1.0 protocol (RFC1945)
XML Specification 2nd Edition
The official web site of the /robots.txt file format
C++ standard (many links)
The C++ documentation
The Oberon language
4GL research
List of available 4GL docs
Aubit 4GL
Start by writing your tests... and more.
Extensions versus MIME types
ltdl — a library to load modules/plugins on any platform
ISO, IEC, and JTC1 provide many ISO/OSI Standards for free download.
INT 13 — Floppy disk
INT 13 — Hard Drive
INT 13 & Win32 MBR
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures

Email related

Not Just Another Bogus List
Composite Blocking List
Test your mail server running the command:
Relay Tester

Server & Internet

DynDNS -- Dynamic name server

Galeon, a project using the Mozilla renderer
SpyBot -- remove SpyWare, etc.
Port numbers and protocols
CSS Zen Gargen
Graphical VNC Selector
HTML on phones, PDAs, etc.
Validate this page with the w3 validator
META tags in HTML headers
Make it work on any browser!
overLIB -- to have mouse over show a popup

Game & 3D
NeHe OpenGL lessons


cdrecord for Win32
mkisofs for Win32
List of country names
File extensions
Resource Editors
PE Resource Editor
An interesting tracking tool
Grok Law -- law & the free software community
Alexis' Page at the University of Portland

Math & Physic


The PI Pages
Unit Conversions (interactive)
apfloat (for fast large numbers computations)
A nice representation of Chaos & the number of Feigenbaum
Constants and many links of interest


Equation et fonction de Bessel (French)
Analyse Hilbertienne (French)
Math World (Wolfram) -- Matrix, Algebra, Geometry
2D/3D algorithm and equations
Courbes 3D (French)
Mathématiques (French)
Fractal (French)

Quantum Physic

Cour de Claude Cohen Tannoudji (French) [Prix Nobel de Physique]
Complements de mecanique quantique
Quantum Equations


Thèse en ligne (French)
Mathématiques, un autre regard...
Basic mathematics
Ask Dr. Math
Start in Astronomy & create your programs (French)
Looking for answers? The Skeptic's dictionary...

A picture of the inside of the Eagle Nebula
Inside the Eagle Nebula
Show Orion instead


Role Playing Games

Tolkien Languages by the University of Oregon (includes links to French sites and fonts for Macs)
d20 rules
d20 rules in HTML
Game Master Initiative Tracker

Other docs & stuff of interest

American Sign Language
US Patent Office
Dinosaures (French)
L'Encyclopedie Agora (French)
Grammaire Française & vocabulaire
Princeton WordNet -- a free dictionary
Comparative CyberLexicon — English - Spanish
Je sais tout sur ... -- encyclopédies libres (French)
Dictionary (Word IQ)
Verb2Verbe (English & Français)
Public Domain Clip Arts
CIA World Fact Book
Ancient Scripts

Read real stories about the American Indians

Arizona State Website
California Home Page
Colorado Home Page
Access Idaho
Access Kansas
Montana Online
Oregon OnLine
Oklahoma: Native America
Nebraska's Official Website
Nevada Home Page
New Mexico Home Page
North Dakota Home Page
ND Historical Society
South Dakota WWW Site
SD Historical Society
Texas Government Information
Utah Website
Access Washington Home Page
Wyoming Home Page

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