I put here a few links that I use once in a while. Use at your own risks!


Free Firewall for Windows
A place with lots of computer parts for less
Test files for virus
A note on why to boycott Amazon
A source for libraries (Commercial)
PPT Doc (Jun, 2004) -- try searching PpPublishSourceType for if the link does work anymore
Programmable Logic (Xilinx)
FPGA programmable logic (e-Panorama)
FPGA and more (Andraka)


Digital Juice
Musique facile ŕ écouter
Interesting Webpage (slow but fully resizable)
Sony Support for my CDR-DVD300 camera
The Unisys patent of the GIF file format


Spell Check your web page for free
Check domain names
PIR - the organization registring the .org domain names

Graphical Tools & Sites

http://www.menu-fx.com/ -- a tool which uses SSWF
http://www.cheap-logos.com/ -- Thousands of corporate logos to choose from

Finance, Accounting, etc.

The British Pound
LoopNet -- commercial housing trade center

Some patent references

Patent 6549659 (1st hardware based)
- Sombrero an on edge galaxie used as an horizontal separator -

The Earth as seen from Space Back to my home page.