Alexis' Resume

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Alexis Wilke Age: 39 Location: Orangevale, CA Nationality: French (green card) Phone: 916 220 6482 Expert C/C++ under Unix (Linux, IRIX, SunOS) Languages/Tools/Libraries: C, C++, bash, Javascript, SQL92, PHP Ada95, Awk, Pascal, Perl, Eiffel PostgreSQL, OpenGL, Flash animations Processors: i386, 68k, 6502, Z80, 88k, MIPS, SPARC... Wrote MMX, SSE, SSE2 routines on Pentiums Other skills: Write detailed technical documentation (MS Office and Open Office) Managing projects to market (Order Made!®, Turn Watcher, Ovation®, SportsWRITER®, ScreenWRITER®, MagicTRAK®) Patent: Author of US patent 959596 and 210525 (go to and do an advance search with: IN/"Wilke, Alexis")
  • Made to Order Software Corporation -- 7 years
  • C/C++, HTML, PHP, bash e-Commerce enabled website (Made to Order Software Corporation) 1 product on the market (Turn Watcher: 1 product close to completion (more information under NDA only)
  • On going free projects -- years...
  • SSWF is a scripting language and a library to create Macromedia Flash files. It has been downloaded more than 48,000 times on SourceForge and was ported on FreeBSD and Gentoo without me being involved. It works on pretty much all the Linux platforms (RedHat, Debian, Suse, Power on Linux, z-Series, etc.,) under Windows and under Mac OS/X. odbcpp is a C++ library that wraps the MS-Windows ODBC API that works under Unices and Windows. It is very practical to access databases without having to know anything about the specific database being accessed. I'm also part of the gnuwin32 team since the sswf and edll projects are part of the gnuwin32 list of downloadable projects.
  • Volcano Corporation ( -- 1.5 years
  • [contact Howard Alpert (916-638-8008) if you want to know more about this position] Analyzed and developed the low level FFR interface for the s5x medical system. Re-organized the many (over 50) libraries for easy building. Implemented a tool to ensure the good health of the hardware. Helped fixed many bugs. Wrote the documentation to be registered with the FDA and other such agencies.
  • Serious Magic Inc. ( -- 3 years
  • [contact John Merlino if you want to know more about this position] Helped fixed many bugs and created a web page generator in Visual Communicator. One of the programmers to create Ultra. The project manager of Ovation for about 1 year.
  • 3Dlabs ( -- 9 months
  • Helped writing tests for two 3D chips Re-wrote the C++ base library used to build the tests
  • AWA-TV ( -- 10 years
  • Created a weather software to do live televisual presentations on air (i.e. realtime, no crash allowed). Created the first working tracking device for televisual presentations (patented). Rights to use the code were bought in 1996 by a Japanese company so they could use it in Japan. Wrote the necessary software to enable Arabic. Systems sold worldwide (USA, Canada, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Dubai, Koweit). Sold to Weather Central Inc. in 1998. ( Transformed the former system to become a telestrator. Includes support for high quality Sony tape machines (wrote driver). Used in Sport and Newscasts. Several systems can be used on a network to share graphics (i.e. Fox News used it in New York and Washington D.C.) Systems sold worldwide (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany). Sold to Weather Central Inc. in 2002. Before that I did a lot of assembly language, low-level graphics, floppy disk, printer drivers, several video games (See Overdrive here: and many other software...