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A beautiful Nebula
Arp 230 by HST -- A nest of baby stars


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The plaque present on Pioneer satellite
Greetings from the Pioneers

JPL, NASA & other Governmental Pages

Logo of the NASA
The Galixy M65
Leo Triplet Spiral Galaxy M65
(Aglo-Australien Telescope)

General Astronomy

The Earth as seen from Space
Planetary Science
JPL Logo
JPL & Robotic
A Photo of Hubble Telescope
Hubble Space Telescope
A view of space
Part of NGC 1313 (AAT64)
Images of Space

Sun in the Ultraviolet The Sun is a very complex and still very badly understood celestrial object. We are actually trying many things to picture the sun with different light waves. The one here shows us an ultraviolet view of the Sun (taken with the EIT camera onboard the SOHO spacecraft.) This tell us there are many atoms of iron highly negative (Fe XII, iron 11 times ionized.)


Toutatis Asteroid

A huge space telescope before launch
Astro 1 (STS-35 Crew, NASA)

Flying around the earth, this large spacial telescope observes the Universe ultraviolet and x-ray wavelengths. Its mission is to study the solar system, our and other galaxies.

A telescope Doom
A telescope doom!

Amateur Telescope Making

There are many questions we still can't answer. This galaxie (M100) is so far away, that it is hard for us to calculate how far it is. Each of the calculus we do to have an answer leads to a different distance... The gret M100 spiral Galaxy
Spiral Galaxy M100

A beautiful nebula
NGC 604
Giant Stellar Nursery in M33
(Photo from HST)


The Orion Nebula Orion, like M16 pilars, is one of the most interesting nebulae to look at baby stars. Its suburban is filled with many hot and young stars.

The image on the left has been taken with the Hublle Space Telescope (Actually fifteen images have been used, because of the really large area this nebulae represents.)


The Ship Appolo 11
Apollo 11

A star trail, or a very long photo shot! A photo with a trail of stars From the Anglo-Australian Observatory.


A man on the Moon
Charles M. Duke, Jr.
Apollo 16 - on the moon



Halley's portrait

Ancient Civilizations

A Maya Pyramid
Maya Pyramid

A view of our own galaxy as we can see it from Earth. The milky way is a spiral galaxy.

This photo has been taken by the
Anglo-Australian Observatory.

The Milkyway like you can see it with a naked eye

Misc Astro

The Crab Today
The Pulsar Powered Crab (M1)

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