Command Line History Extension

I'm a Unix programmer and like most good Unix programmer I cannot live without a command line history. This good old command line history! For those who have never heard about such a feature, it helps you avoid typing the same commands over and over again. Instead you use the history to come back to the previous or some other command and re-run it. Whenever you program you do that all the time: you run 'make', then your program, then 'make' then your program. If you use make with a command line argument such as '-C BUILD', it's much longer to type than a few arrow up hits. Especially because hitting the arrow up is doing so in one place. Typing requires your fingers to go all over the keyboard and that can take forever.

Okay, this is great and since Windows XP it is even integrated in the MS-DOS command line (hey! imagine that! Microsoft is late by... hmmm... only 30 years or so on that one.)

But there is one place where it's still missing and I wonder why... Whenever I want to login, I should have a history to select which password to use, right?!