intrusive_ptr_object helpers



The boost::intrusive_ptr template is useful to handle objects with a reference count, but it does not offer any helper functions to create the reference counted objects.

The intrusive_ptr_object helpers try to offer such support.


To create an object which is reference counted:

Advantages of these Classes

You can create two different types of objects: a stack or composition object (as usual) or a heap object. A heap object can be referenced, the others cannot and you get an error at runtime.

You can pass a bare pointer of MyClass to other objects and they still can keep a reference by dynamically casting to the intrusive_ptr_object part of the object.


  namespace boost
    class intrusive_ptr_object
      intrusive_ptr_object() throw();
      virtual ~intrusive_ptr_object() = 0;
      void add_ref();
      void release();

    class intrusive_ptr_base
      virtual ~intrusive_ptr_base() = 0;

    inline void intrusive_ptr_add_ref(intrusive_ptr_base *a);
    inline void intrusive_ptr_release(intrusive_ptr_base *a);

    template<class T> class intrusive_ptr_heap;




Postconditions: reference is zero (0)

Throws: nothing


Preconditions: reference must be zero (0)

Throws: assertion if reference is not zero


Postconditions: reference is one more

Throws: nothing

Thread: this function is thread safe


Effects: reference is one less

Postconditions: if the reference reached zero (0), the object is deleted

Throws: an assertion if the reference count is zero (0) on entry

Thread: this function is thread safe



Effects: none

Throws: an assertion if the reference count is zero (0) on entry

  Helper functions

void intrusive_ptr_add_ref(intrusive_ptr_base *a);
void intrusive_ptr_release(intrusive_ptr_base *a);

Effects: calls the corresponding function of the intrusive_ptr_object

Note: these functions are implementation details but they still need to be defined publicly for the intrusive_ptr implementation to be capable to find them.

  Helper template

template<class T> class intrusive_ptr_heap;

Usage: create typedef's of a new classes derived from T and intrusive_ptr_object.

Note: this template will fail if class T has constructors with parameters.

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