Funny Discoveries

By clicking on some of these pictures you will get more information about them!

A Face on Mars, a must see picture!
A face on the northern surface of Mars.

A mountain on Io satellite
A scarab on the surface of Io (Haemus Mons; fifth satellite of Jupiter.)

Europa in black and white
Highway on another planet? (Europa, a satellite of Jupiter.)

A close up of Jupiter's atmosphere
A modern painting? (Clouds on Jupiter.)

A Full color image of Cygnus Loop
A smoky bar? (Cygnus Loop supernova by HST.)

The Cat Eye Nebula, a must see!
Are there roses in space? (Cat Eye nebula by HST.)

How a dipole looks like once stable
Is this an alien?!?!? (A cloud becoming a dipole.)

The inside of a crater on Mars
There is a brain on Mars! (The inside of a crater.)


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